AR Sculpture

Limited edition of 10 (with 5 fanny pack upgrade editions)

100% of sales will be donated to buy groceries for Community Fridges TO



The artist is catified as Maneki-X with their right arm raised up with a protesting fist, wearing a carpal tunnel wrist brace. Maneki-X is an AR Feng Shui fortune charm that references the iconic Maneki-Neko which is believed to invite good fortune and money, meanwhile symbolizes a rejection of neoliberalism in a networked age where workers and consumers experience the inability to escape the tether of their electronic devices.

AR sculpture is actualized by Jeremy Bailey at, as part of the Hot Vax Summer Collection which is curated by Charlene K. Lau.

艺术家化身为Maneki-X,右臂举着抗议的拳头,戴着腕管支架。Maneki-X是一个增强现实(AR)风水幸运符,被认为能带来好运和金钱的Maneki-Neko同时象征着对网络时代新自由主义的拒绝 — 在这个时代里工人与消费者难以摆脱电子设备的束缚。

增强现实(AR)雕塑由Jeremy Bailey ( 实现,作为由Charlene K. Lau策划的Hot Vax夏季系列的一部分。