ERROAR!#1 the Insider

vinyl, webAR application

Installation view, TECHNO//MYSTICISM, Eastern Bloc, Montreal, 2022. Fig. 1 – 3 Photo by Vjosana Shkurti. Fig. 4 Left Photo by Maia Harris.

Installation view, The Lonely Spirit, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, 2018.

In 2016, one of South Korea’s most high-profile Go players, Lee Sedol, was challenged by an AI player, fittingly named AlphaGo. In order to defeat one of the strongest players in the history of the strategy board game, AlphaGo was allegedly powered by 1920 CPUs and 280 GPUs. ERROAR!#1, a part of the ERROAR! series, simulates a hybrid (augmented-audiovisual) space that features 1920 images of CPUs and 280 images of GPUs to materialize AlphaGo’s hardware use, or its “brain capacity” on a 1-1 scale.