feng shan

feng shan 1.0 2018

For Fans, Microphones, Electronics

Live at Emergents Series (curated by Sara Constant), Music Gallery, 2018. Fig. 1 & 3 Photo by Claire Harvie. Fig. 2 Photo by Kristian Fourier

feng shan 2.0 2019

ZMY031 split tape

Whose wind is that?
Never flow a fan.
It’s not the sound,
All glaciers melt
not the move.
of distant,
confused waves.
The only other sound
Is the break
And birds awake.
The spectrum is
a flocculent spectrum.
Recurring ebbs.
Sister. Snows.
Snare. Sling.
Plethora of
Vibrant matters.
You, and me,
and their clouds
And network,
And networks.
Low voices expand.
The wind is breathing,
Not the fan.
Unformed and deep,
It’s not the wind.