(‘ve) said a mouthful

duration & dimension variable

2020 – 2021,v1, interactive poetry (app)

Permalink: https://app.pureapparat.us/mouthful

This work was a response to Shaheer Zazai’s project Is, but will be at Blackwood Gallery as part of the Reader-in-Residence program.

(‘ve) said a mouthful v1 is an interactive poem coded as a web application. A dataset of found English onomatopoeia words and one of default HTML color names are mapped onto a 10 x 10 grid and shuffled through clicking. When the mouse hovers over the individual grid, the browser’s text-to-speech feature would be triggered to read the word iterating through 47 different voices from different regions around the world. Reading English’s roman spelling from the mouths of 47 different languages generates new phonetic possibilities and (un)meanings.

Interactions: unmute to listen, click to shuffle, hover to voice, move to thread, stay to choir.