XVK 2017


XVK, aka @XVK_XVK is an asian-girl-band-artist-collective of members Xuan Ye, Véronique Sunatori and Sara Kay Maston. The collective’s body of work combines images, video, performance, and sculptural objects. XVK employs the “Asian-pop-girl-band” trope to deconstruct narratives and myths of “Asian girl” stereotypes, and to critique the capitalist exploitation and fetishism of females in idol industry. Appropriating the persona of the pop star, XVK introduces vulnerability, anger, defiance, humor, boredom, and anxiety that are often neglected in celebrity and idol culture centered around East Asia. In the wake of the concurrent socio-political environment, and around the circulation of disinformation, XVK searches for an alternative history suggesting a praxis of activism that functions beyond the conventional white box context. Eliminating sound as the core of the pop music machine, XVK has released two singles which are performed as silent music videos.