Universal Serial Bus


Custom USB drives

Limited edition of 25

Each USB features 15 tracks of field recordings (2012 – 2020), sculpture in clay, and a desktop application (macOS only)

Released by Squint Fucker Press in 2020



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“Xuan Ye’s Universal Serial Bus (squint 00U) is perhaps toughest to define of Squint’s first three 2020 releases. A sprawling multiple-hour-long release, it’s available via download or on a limited clay-USB stick sculpture. It feels as though Ye has made environmental recordings in public spaces and hand-colourized them, warming their hues with delicate electronic tones. Squint’s website relates these engrossing panels of retouched audio-vérité to her concept of ‘useless music, a counterproductive twist to Muzak’s total design of background music.”

— Nick Storring, Musicworks #137 (“Squint Press: Twenty Years of Wayward Aesthetics”)