You’ve Just Become Part of Me


Double CD

Limited editions of 35

Selected Comprovisation 2013 – 2016

Mastered by Jason Doell in 2017

Dual-tone risograph insert

Visual Design by Xuan Ye


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“The ‘comprovisational’ full-length album from the prototype that is pianist / experimental composer Xuan Ye is in a constant state of ‘becoming’. As your ears trace the indeterminate arrangements of free-form piano, entrancing vocal loops, and atmospheric feedback, you are moving through the perceptual mechanics of the artist. The distance between consumer and creator is bridged through an overwhelming sense of presence. Emanations from unknown objects evoke tactile solidity while mechanized processing swirls in the air. Humanity is found in fragments but it is merely one aspect of the equation. This is Xuan Ye’s world and we are inside it, breathe deeply.”

Griffin Martell, SBVRSV Press