Invisible Parallel


2016.01.30 Duration & Dialogue Performance Art Festival/Symposium, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2016.09.02 – 2016.11.06 Banyan Travel Agency (Banyan Commune Project), Times Museum, Guangzhou, China

a collaboration with Jason Doell

Invisible Parallel is a performance-installation for two remote performers who track their paths to the destination (exhibition space/venue) by live streaming field recording of their separate trajectories. At the same time, two speakers installed in the destination are streaming the sounds that each performer records respectively – each speaker reporting a separate aural journey. From the perspective of the audience, both sources of transient urban soundscapes combine into one sound piece in the absence of the performers who are unaware of the other’s contribution to the collaboration. The emergent result is two disparate field recordings heard as one integrated sonic phenomenon on which the audience overlay their own notions of space, and landscape. Invisible Parallel explores how digital technology as the prosthesis of body represents the absent body, as well as the effect of adjacency and duration on the spatial and temporal consciousness through auditory sense.