Deep Aware Triads


installation view, ​ÉCRAN TOTAL, Centre de Design de l’UQAM à Montréal 2021.

24” diameter each

giclée print triptych



48” diameter

archival giclée print lightbox

installation view, ​filling the Klein bottle (x) { (curated by Belinda Kwan), Varley Art Gallery of Markham, 2020. Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid


36” diameter each

giclée print triptych

Deep Aware Triads is a process or method, an attempt to translate complex systems and phenomena into images through collaboration with artificial intelligence. It involves a process for making digital collages based on the diagrams of artificial neural networks. For each subject matter, the artist makes image databases that accumulate hundreds of images and diagrams from stock photograph archives and academic research papers. Utilizing these research materials as a source, the artist misuses the AI-powered functions in image processing software to blend boundaries of digital images with machine-calculated pixels. Images encroach on each other as digital bodies, creating unexpected and obscure brushes and textures. Resembling a microscopic view, the final work with intricate details appears to stimulate a kind of algorithmic pareidolia.

vivirvivirvivir (2020 – 2021) researches and foregrounds the agencies of viral systems as means and metaphor through the biological, the computational, and the linguistic. Saudade (2019 – 2020) is about the phenomena of Saudade, which “names the presence of absence and takes melancholy delight in what’s gone”, through researching the paradoxes and relationships between migration, tourism, and existentialism. As the first set of work employing this process, orishormonaspina (2019) explores how technology makes an impact on different systems inside the human body by attributing a chosen theme and associated keywords to each painting: Oral (oris), Hormonal (hormona), Spinal (spina).